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Return / exchange without quality issues

ForProducts purchased at the Website, you can apply for a return / exchange withinseven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt of the Products (based on thedate of receipt on the logistics document). Please note that only onereturn/exchange request can be made per each order. Unless there is productquality problem, all products are only allowed to be exchanged or returned onceper each transaction, and such exchange must be a product of the same style andin the same colour.

Pleasenote that we only accept returns / exchanges if the returned / exchangedProducts meet the "Return / Exchange Conditions" and do not belong tothe "Return / Exchange Exclusions”described below.

ForProducts with quality problems purchased at the Website, you can request a return/ exchange within one month from the date of purchase. It is our policy tosatisfy the“Return / Exchange Conditions”described below and the qualityproblems are verified by our after-sales service center. Please note:

a.Small threads, raw edges (commonly seen on apparel), colour differences due todifferent monitors (different displays, colour differences are not avoidable),thickness of the Products, running threads, hand-feel and other similardetails, etc, are not recognised as quality issues.

b. Return/ exchange due to reasons such as style, colour and subjective preferences arenot a return / exchange for Products with quality issues.

c.Damage caused by improper use, wash or damage caused by your own alteration orother human factors will not be considered as a quality issue.

d. Ifthe Products are clearly indicated with defects at the time of purchase, i.e.B-grade or products with identified cosmetic defects, such defects are notconsidered as quality problems and will not be accepted for return / exchange.

e. Whenselecting the size, please refer to the size chart and choose the size thatsuits you. The customer service team can only provide suggestions, not as thebasis for your final purchase decision. If the you return / exchange due tosize issue, it is not a return / exchange of Products with quality issue.

f. Thesize specifications of the Product shall be subject to the actual Product.

a. theProducts are sent back within the stated return / exchange period;

b. theProducts are in original condition (for example, the Products are kept intact,unused, unwashed or unaltered, no stains or cosmetics on the products) and theconditions for re-sale of the Product has not been affected;

c. Ifthe Product / parcel has additional gifts (gift with purchase promotion),please return the gift together. The gift needs to be kept in the condition asit was received. If the gift cannot be returned, we have the right to ask youto pay for the gift according to the price of the gift we have indicated.

a.Products not sold through the Website, i.e. Simple-Pure Hong Kong officialonline store;

b.Products that are bought during specific offers or promotional events whichexplicitly state that return or exchange are not allowed;

c.customized products without quality problems;

d.where the Product is used, washed, processed (e.g. altered size), soiled ordamaged, the logo is cut, and other merchandise not in re-sale condition;

e.where the electronic invoice or order number issued at the time of purchase islost;

f.orders that exceed the return / exchange period;

g.Products that are clearly indicated with defects at the time of purchase, andthen returned / exchanged with defective reasons; and

h. othercircumstances in which the consumer has no right to return / exchange accordingto this policy and the applicable law.

Pleasealso note that you may process returns / exchanges online only for purchasesmade on the Website. You cannot return / exchange Products purchased on ourWebsite at our Simple-Pure stores, and vice versa.

Pleaserefer to the Help Centre or contact our customer service for specific return /exchange procedures, which shall form part and parcel of these Terms andConditions. When returning the Product please indicate the reason for thereturn in the delivery note for timely processing. If the delivery note islost, please prepare a blank sheet of paper and fill in your name, ordernumber, item number, quantity and reason. You also need to indicate the itemnumber, colour, size and other information related to the returned / exchangedProduct(s).

Thenewly exchanged item will be sent to the delivery address on the originalorder; if there is any change in the delivery address, please let our customerservice know in advance. If you request to exchange the products, your returnrequest cannot be accepted before the exchange is completed. If you haverequested an exchange for any of the products in the order, you cannot requestfor further exchange in the same order until the existing exchange process iscompleted.

Pleasenote that we only accept returns / exchanges by SF Express. Returns / exchangesfrom normal mail, registered mail and express delivery will not be accepted.For return / exchange without quality issues, the cost of postage is borne byyou. We recommend that you insure your package for safe return to us, and youare requested to declare the full value of the shipment to the courier companyso that you are completely protected if shipment is lost or damaged in transit.If you choose not to insure or declare the full value of the returned /exchanged Products, you will be responsible for any loss or damage to theProducts during shipping. We are not responsible for any risk of damage to, orloss of the Products upon return.

For thereturned Products, once we confirm that the return conditions and requirementsare met, we will refund the actual payment within 7-10 business days afterreceiving the returned Product(s), but:

a. Wehave the right to deduct the partial refund amount if your returned Productswere bought together with other Products to enjoy our threshold promotions oroffers;

b. Wehave the rights to deduct the shipping fee from your refund amount if yourreturned Products were bought together with other merchandise to enjoy a freeshipping promotion.

Thetime of receipt of the refund depends on different refund methods. The time ofactual refund to your account depends on different banks or payment platformoperations. It may take up to 10-15 business days. If the return does not meetthe return conditions or requirements, we will contact you and return theProduct(s) to you at your cost.